Share Natur formulates and produces a world-class range of next generation health and wellness products. We’re based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and we understand that we are part of a global community. Hence our distribution network extends around the world from Europe to North America, China and beyond.
Our unique ingredients come to us directly from Nature. Chief among them is CBD, from high-quality hemp. We use CBD and other natural active ingredients of the plant to elevate everyday products like water, juices and face creams, to become more nurturing to the human body than their ordinary counterparts. Our cutting edge, chemical-free processes mean we can ensure the best possible quality in all our products.
With Share Natur you can trust you are getting the very best that nature has to offer.


Share Natur. HQ
Overschiestraat 65
1062 XD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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169 Piccadilly, Mayfair
W1J 9EH London
United Kingdom

Share Natur. BG

Joanna Boneva
+359 87 8551594
Simeonovsko shose #166
1434 Sofia Bulgaria

Есен Фънкшъналс 
БГ Симеоновско Шосе 166,
1434, София, БГ

Share Natur. d.o.o.
Jurija Gagarina 231 lok.329
11070 Belgrade